In-Depth Office Cleaning

In-Depth Office Cleaning

The Importance of In-Depth Office Cleaning

The cleanliness of your office space is as important as any public place. The office is a common place where any number of people are arriving from various start points such as their homes and the various routes employees or customers will take to get your office. This makes the office an ideal breeding ground for germs as they can easily travel from space to space or person to person.

Every office has a regular office cleaning routine and most employees are neat when it comes to maintaining the cleanliness of their workspace, however just like routine cleaning cannot replace Spring Cleaning for your home, regular office cleaning cannot replace in-depth or deep cleaning required to maintain a healthy & clean office environment.


Top to Bottom Cleaning Methodology

Office deep cleaning requires a top to bottom cleaning approach to ensure that no corner or space is left out in the cleaning process, nor any piece of decoration & furniture. This method works just like it sounds. A professional cleaning company such as Pro Care Janitorial recommends starting dusting, wiping and/or vacuuming the ceiling and ceiling structures like lighting fixtures & ceiling fan, special attention must be given to ceiling corners & edges.

Then move downward to mid-level cleaning such as the walls, artwork, wall decoration, paintings, signs & sconces, etc. techniques like dusting & damp wiping will help eliminate germs and any minor infestations.

Next up are flat surfaces such as counter or table tops, they need to be properly sanitized and cleaned. Complete damp wiping of tables, desks and hard surface furniture takes place with surgeon like precision. Our staff will ensure thorough cleaning of desks and tables after remove all personal items from them to ensure 100% sanitization of your desk-top. Window blinds, shades & any glass partitions are all part of the lower mid-level cleaning including touch points like phones, keyboard & mice.

Last but not least comes the Floor Cleaning after the higher and mid-level cleaning is complete it’s time now for the most germs infested and unsanitary part of the office, the floor we walk on. Deep vacuuming and scrubbing for carpets, including bio-friendly green solvents for a professional Steam Extraction carpet cleaning job, mopping & disinfecting of hard surface floors.

A professional cleaning crew like the one at Pro Care Janitorial Services ensure thorough & deep cleaning, carried out by certified & trained professionals using only the safest and environmental friendly cleaning solvents & equipment.


How often should In-Depth Office Cleaning be done?

The timeframe for how often a business should schedule an In-Depth office cleaning depends entirely on nature and size of your business. Here are some factors to consider when deciding how frequently your office space should undergo a Top to Bottom cleaning methodology.


  1. Foot Flow: Gauge the number of employees and visitors that come and go throughout the day. The more Foot flow your office space attracts the more frequent In-Depth office cleaning should occur.


  1. Business Nature: The nature of your business matters a lot when deciding how often your office should undergo In-Depth Office Cleaning Services in Gainesville. A medical clinic requires more frequency then a flow shop. Consider the health ratio of visitors coming to your establishment.


  1. Seasonal Impact: If your business place foot traffic varies according to the season you may want to consider increase the frequency of In-Depth office cleaning during the seasons in which your establishment experiences more foot traffic.


Pro Care Janitorial Services is here to help you decide what type of regular and what type of specialized cleaning schedules will work best for your business. We are always just a phone call away and proudly serve all businesses within the Gainsville, FL region.

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