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Best Commercial Window and Commercial Cleaning Services Gainesville


ProCare Janitorial commercial cleaning services are the most reliable & trustworthy services for offices, churches or medical facilities. When it comes to trust we have been awarded one of the highest levels of clearance that goes up to Federal & State clearance including Dept. of Homeland Security offices, DEA’s offices & facilities, City & County facilities.

When it comes to reliability, the FIRST contract we signed in 1987 with Storterchilds Printing Inc. is still honored today. Consistency, Dependability & Professionalism are our very founding principles.

ProCare Janitorial never overlook a cleaning schedule, our staff is always on-time with the entire professional equipment ready, and all of our client facilities are treated with “Green” chemicals to avoid any health & safety concerns as well as adhere to the requirements of our environment. We use clean white rags & the best professional heavy-duty equipment with the most professional & experienced staff.

We offer cleaning services before, during or after business hours, 1x month/week or every day of the month. Our services are available from 7am-8pm 6 days a week.

In more than 28 years of doing business in the state of Florida, we have NEVER filed a claim for Worker’s Comp. or Employee Theft! We are simply Gainesville Best since 1987 & a proud Drug Free Work Place.