Why Choose Green Products for Cleaning Services

Why Choose Green Products for Cleaning Services

As we welcome the New Year, we also welcome the new challenges it brings, one such challenge is always time. As life continues to get busier and busier, it also means less time for tasks like cleaning your home or office thoroughly. This makes it easy to choose cleaning products that offer fast & easy cleaning. These products tend to save time and energy but at what cost?

Sometimes the easiest solution is not the safest, most quick clean products contain chemicals that can be harmful for your family, co-workers, pets & the environment.

ProCare Janitorial services promises to deliver timely & professional cleaning services using only “Green” or eco-friendly cleaning products. We ensure that not only is your property spotless but also safe for the people occupying your property, be it your home or office premises.

Contrary to popular belief that Green cleaning products are not as effective, we are here to prove that they are. Manufacturers of household & commercial cleaning products have produced excellent cleaning products that are not only potent enough to clean efficiently all the while keeping your environment safe & healthy for everyone & everything, not to mention traditional cleaning products contain harsh and toxic chemicals

To help break this myth, here are just some benefits of using “Green” products:


Protect the Environment

Traditional cleaning solutions involve chemicals that when used can be potentially harmful not just for people but for the overall environment. Traditional cleaning solutions release toxic chemicals in the environment and pollute waterways & the ozone. ProCare Janitorial uses Green cleaning products to help protect our environment for all of our cleaning contracts in the Gainsville, FL region along with all 14 other counties that we proudly serve.


Healthy Breathing

The bleach-like stench we smell after a cleaning service is not just a scent in the air. Toxins contained in those traditional cleaning products can be harmful if we breathe them in. Most traditional cleaning products have been linked with asthma, respiratory and eye irritation, and allergies if exposed to for long periods of time, even well after a cleaning service has been performed. By using “Green” cleaning products you no long have to worry about your family member, co-worker or pet being breathing in chemicals.


Always Safety First

“Green” cleaning products are not just safe for our clients but also for our cleaning staff. Traditional cleaning products contain toxins that have been known to cause chemical burns when they come in direct contact with our skin. “Green” cleaning products used by ProCare Janitorial services in all our Commercial Cleaning Services as well as Residential Cleaning Services help keep our staff as well as avoid property damage.


Knowledge is Power

After years of using traditional household cleaning products you may recognize some of the chemical ingredients but it can be quite a challenge and potentially dangerous when you don’t know most of the chemical ingredients contained in your traditional cleaning product. “Green” cleaning products contain plant-based ingredients that are easy to understand and very limited in numbers. If you want to avoid being exposed to chemicals you don’t know about then surely “Going Green” is the choice for you.


ProCare Janitorial promises to deliver safe, healthy & professional cleaning services across Gainsville & we specialize in all aspects of Commercial Cleaning, Residential Cleaning, Industrial Cleaning as well as Construction cleaning services.




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